Climate change a key priority for Animal Justice Party candidate

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Up for the challenge of taking on the major parties, Animal Justice Party Candidate for Parramatta Rohan Laxmanalal hopes to use his experience to convince locals to ‘vote one’ for him.

Having been born at Westmead Hospital and lived in the area for close to 20 years, Mr Laxmanalal is excited to share the Animal Justice Party message with the Parramatta electorate.

“I previously ran in the State Election for the seat of Granville, which covers a lot of suburbs in the Parramatta area. So, I felt like it was a good opportunity to leverage off that and of course send a message to the electorate that animals, human health and the environment matter,” he said.

One of the key issues Mr Laxmanalal is looking to address with his campaign is the impacts of climate change.

“We’ve already seen devastation in the bushfires in 2019, the floods more recently and of course the last few years are still impacting us today with the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

“I believe a lot of people in the electorate don’t know or properly understand the root cause of those issues and they do stem from animal agriculture.

“Leading organisations around the world, namely the United Nations and Oxford University, have pointed out that [animal agriculture] is the single biggest thing that we can address today to [combat] the impacts of climate change.”

Mr Laxmanalal is hopeful the Animal Justice Party’s policies will sway locals to put a minor party first on the voting ballot.

“I think it’s very important to vote one for a minor party like ours to send a message to all the other parties that our policies do matter,” he said.

“They may not be the most well-known policies but they are certainly ones we need to address and work together on because if we don’t do that then we’ll certainly continue to see the terrible impacts of climate change. It is a challenge being a representative of a minor party but it’s a fight I’m willing to do.”

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