Plan to improve Pendle Hill Town Centre approved

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Pendle Hill Town Centre.

A plan to revitalise the Pendle Hill Town Centre has received the tick of approval from Cumberland Council – but some residents believe more upgrades are needed.

Receiving the unanimous support of the Chamber, the blueprint for the Pendle Hill Town Centre intends to “build on the local character to create an attractive, walkable, and socially inclusive open space network.”

Focusing on the Pendle Way, Civic Park and Stapleton Street precincts, the Pendle Hill Public Domain Plan will deliver more trees, outdoor seating, public art, lighting and upgraded pedestrian crossings and footpaths to the local area.

However, feedback taken last year revealed many locals believe more needs to be included in the plan, including calls for a library and additional parking.

“Pendle Hill deserves a first-rate library to celebrate its residents’ need for knowledge,” one submission said.

“There is not sufficient all-day parking for commuters, people are forced to park on the surrounding local streets, which causes congestion. A multi-storey car park at Civic Park would be a great benefit to the area,” another submission said.

Many submissions also said the town square needs a “major clean-up”.

“I think it’s great that you want to clean up the centre, as well as improve Civic Park as the town centre is now disgusting and dirty, there is writing on all the walkways, which makes it look like a ghetto,” additional feedback said.

In total, 24 submissions were received in response to the plan. The revitalisation of Pendle Hill will be implemented in five stages, with stage one being the soon-to-be-completed Civic Park and wetland upgrades.

Construction of the new public toilet in Purdie Lane will be stage two.

Labor Councillor Suman Saha said the Pendle Hill upgrades are much-needed.

“I lived in the Pendle Hill area with my family, only 600 metres from the town centre, and I’m very familiar with the area,” he said.

“Now is the time for Pendle Hill to receive the attention and care it deserves, let’s work together to transform it into a thriving community with greener spaces, parks, trees, smart technologies and vibrant outdoor dinning areas.

“Our goal is to create a healthy, creative, culturally rich and socially connected Pendle Hill for all the residents.”

But Our Local Community Councillor Paul Garrard criticised the plans, saying he doesn’t think it “hits the mark.”

“There’s more to it than this and sadly I don’t think the Pendle Hill Town Centre domain study is futuristic enough for my liking,” he added.

“Yes, it provides a very spelt out structural plan for the future, which is not funded, but where I think it misses out is also the futuristic opportunities the town centre might be able to offer the community.”

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