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Turbans 4 Australia recognised for enormous contribution to those in need

Turbans 4 Australia volunteers provide enormous help to people in need. Photo: Melissa Stevens.

It started as a small idea to promote multiculturalism, but Turbans 4 Australia has now been named as one of the top contributors to helping Aussies in need.

NRMA Insurance recently published a first-of-its-kind report, The Help Economy, to identify and value acts of help across Australia.

The report, created in conjunction with PwC Australia, places a financial value on The Help Economy, which is defined as formal help, informal help and the value of help received.

In 2020 there were 31 million acts of help valued at $30 billion; but the true potential could be more than $43.5 billion without COVID restrictions.

Turbans 4 Australia was recognised as one of the top contributors for their efforts with bushfire victim assistance, drought relief, COVID-19 support and a range of other goods, food and clothing drive initiatives, aimed at helping those doing it tough.

Australian Sikh man Amar Singh founded Turbans 4 Australia in 2015. After experiencing some racial slurs due to his turban and beard, Mr Singh wanted Australians to see Sikh people for who they really are, as people they can trust in times of need, and so, he created the organisation to promote multiculturalism and compassion through their charitable efforts.

“This was my way to get the community together and give back and show people that they don’t need to be afraid of someone with a turban or a beard,” he told Parra News.

“We feel very lucky to make a small impact but what we learn and achieve from this is immeasurable.

“Not everyone is racist, Australia is a great country and we want to spread that social harmony.”

Recently the group opened a large warehouse in Clyde to help expand their services.

Mr Singh said he is deeply proud of the achievements of the organisation so far and hopes to expand even further in the future.

“We have so many dedicated volunteers who put many hours of time into this each week and we’re so thankful for the support from the community for us to be able to deliver so many projects back to back as we aren’t government funded,” he said.

Turbans 4 Australia is currently establishing a community kitchen and pantry at its Clyde centre on 14 Martha Street.

To help them get this up and running, donate at: bit.ly/3jSt5gA, or transfer to BSB: 062233 ACC: 10373409.

For more information about The Help Economy, visit go.nrma.com.au/31gLyNn.